Get one license for FREE! (no purchase required)

We offer you an opportunity to gain a single license completely free of charge.

The free licenses we issue can be used for any purpose defined by the equivalent paid license, including commercial activities.

As a free license holder you'll also enjoy the same benefits as a paid license holders, such as free technical support.

We try to keep the distinction between free and paid licenses minimal, although there are some exceptions. For example, we don't expect you to apply for a refund or upgrade on the basis of a free license.

What's the catch? If you find a product of ours useful, we'd really like you to tell the world about it! In exchange for a free license we are simply seeking a little publicity.

Climbing the Empire State building dressed in a gorilla suit and then base-jumping is unnecessary. The kind of publicity we're expecting is typically web based, such as displaying an advertisement or writing a review. Our licenses can be obtained in a number of ways, and we hope this flexibility ensures our offer is open to all. Yes, we recognize not everyone has a gorilla suit, or parachute.

As an alternative, you can always purchase a full license...

Free License Applications

Please note you can enjoy free and full use of our software today without the need to apply for this offer immediately. All of our products include a free 30 day trial period, giving you time to decide whether or not to apply.

To take advantage of our free license offer you will need to choose and apply under one of the following programs:

If your request is accepted we will expect you to honor the terms of a free license agreement for as long as you use our software, or a minimum of six months, whichever is the longer. If you wish to terminate an agreement prematurely you may do so at any time by purchasing a full license...

Homepage Endorsement

We sometimes provide free licenses on the basis of a promotional endorsement on the homepage of your public website, the site that best represents you and your organization.

We expect your public website to contain at least five pages of content, and verifiable contact information such as addresses and telephone numbers. Please note that we do not accept placeholder sites or subdomains such as intranets, extranets and portals. This is because they're not what we would classify as your public web site. Almost by definition subdomains only represent one aspect of your company. Almost by definition a placeholder site does not represent you properly.

Your endorsement should contain a reference to allow people to find or get to our site quickly and easily. So perhaps an HTML hypertext link, associated with either an image advert or short product review. Whatever you use it should be reasonably visible to visitors of your site, preferably on-screen when opened in a web browser when viewed at a typical size.

Mini-review Guidelines

Simply describe how our product provides a good match for your requirements. There's a great chance your comments may help someone else out there faced with a similar task.

Your short product review should be written in your own words, and consisting of at least thirty words in length. Please don't copy and paste text word for word from our website or other sources.

Banner Guidelines

We've prepared a small selection of image adverts from which you may like to choose. Alternatively, if you can't find a banner that matches the product you're using, or one that suits your website's design and layout, please feel welcome to create your own.

The reproduction of our logos in your custom banner should be consistent with the current design, and for this purpose you may reuse the logos found on this website. Custom banners sizes should be not smaller than 1 inch square, with a minimum width or height dimension not less than 36 pixels.

The following themed banner sets are available for ABCpdf: ABCpdf HTML Banners, ABCpdf Flash Banners, ABCpdf Office Document Banners.

Images in HTML should be tagged appropriately with the ALT attribute, which provides a description of the content. This can help visitors using text to voice or text only browsers to navigate your site. The ALT attribute is also required for validating some HTML schemas.

Please jump to the General Guidelines section for further details.

Dedicated Web Page

We sometimes provide free licenses on the basis of a full page article and a reference to allow people to get to our site quickly and easily.

Articles may consist of either a blog review, code tutorial, or case study, or perhaps something a little different. As long as it's WebSupergoo relevant, essentially dedicated to our products, we'll certainly open it for consideration.

Writing about your experiences can help others faced with similar tasks, so a well written article is a valuable resource. Additionally it can help attract visitors to your website. If your article is particularly helpful, we'll certainly refer others to it. Please ensure your article is written in your own words (please don't scrape content from our website or other sources).

The article can be published in any suitable and relevant location. Ideally this would be somewhere on your public website. We may also consider other locations if appropriate, such as developer blogs and developer websites.

If you have any doubts about the suitability of a location, please contact us first. We'd be delighted to know what your article is about and where you intend to publish.

As we're relaxing our rules on placement, we do expect more from you than normally required for a simple promotional reference. As a rough guide, for a blog article we'd expect to see at least 500 words. But there is some flexibility here, and the word count for code tutorials will be slightly lower.

Please jump to the General Guidelines section for further details.

Worthy Causes

We like to support the community. So we're willing to offer free licenses of any of our software to worthy causes.

Please do not assume that we will know you are a worthy cause unless you have emailed us first. We have very specific requirements. Simply entering notes into the application form is not sufficient.

Please be aware that we judge worthy cause applications on both worthiness and also need. Not every worthy cause will be judged eligible. Not every non-profit organization will be judged suitable. Please do not take this as any reflection on you or the quality and utility of your work.

To take an example - the US Military. It's a non-profit organization and it's a worthy cause staffed by responsible people doing good work. However it's not really the type of organization we're going to be issuing free licenses to because it's well funded and it doesn't need this kind of help.

Please write to us explaining what kinds of things you do and how your cause is organized. If your organization has accounts we'd like to see them to establish how income is apportioned. We expect financial transparency - your accounts must be publicly available. The only exceptions we make are for organizations which obviously have no need of accounts such as Scout Packs and school projects.

We like to support causes with lots of volunteers. We like causes like Medecins Sans Frontieres. We are unlikely to support causes which provide directors or employees with large salaries (eg more than $100,000 per year) or which do not result in the majority of aid being passed on to those who need it.

If you are applying as a worthy cause you will need to place a reference to us on the site on which it is used. You will need to state that the software has been kindly donated by WebSupergoo. We'll probably state this on our site as well.

Please jump to the General Guidelines section for further details.

Notable Individuals

So what is a notable individual?

We're looking for people who are passionate about areas that interest us. People who make a significant public contribution in these areas. By public contribution we mean something done for free. A service provided as a gift to the community and not for profit.

For example we think Wikipedia is great and we're happy to offer free licenses to those who make significant contributions in areas that interest us.

So if you make regular contributions to the PDF, PostScript and JPEG pages you might be interested in a free license for ABCpdf. Alternatively if you make regular contributions to the HTTP and .NET pages you might want to look at a free license for ABCUpload .NET.

In the case of Wikipedia we need to look up your name so that we can find out in what ways you've contributed. As such please supply us with a URL to your Wikipedia user page. So that we can verify that you are who you say you are - please put your email address on your user page - this should match up with the email address you use when you contact us. If you don't wish to advertise your complete email address just note the domain name. Please do not use freemail addresses such as hotmail or gmail.

We judge your application on a number of factors based on your contributions over the last calendar month. In general we'll be expecting to see a number of contributions totaling at least four hundred words on pages directly relevant to areas we're interested in. However there is some leeway if we feel that the quality or relevance of your contributions is particularly notable.

Just because we talk about Wikipedia doesn't mean we're restricting this offer to it. For example if you make similar contributions to newsgroups we're happy to look at these as well. However we may not be familiar with other platforms and we can find it difficult to judge the quality of your work. In these cases we tend to err on the side of caution so it may be that the bar is slightly raised for platforms we don't understand.

If you feel you might be a notable individual please contact us providing the information listed above. Please bear in mind that notable individuals are by definition rare and that you can always apply on the basis of an endorsement - the same basis as everyone else.

General Guidelines

People who place small endorsements often use a link through to a product specific page so that visitors can get to our site quickly and easily.

Using meaningful text and descriptions in links will assist visitors in deciding whether to visit our site or not. Here are some examples though feel we would encourage you to make up your own:

ABCpdf is great for creating PDF documents...
ABCpdf for PDF generation under .NET...
We use ABCpdf for all our PDF generation...
PDF generation and rendering courtesy of ABCpdf...
PDF creation with C# is simple and easy using ABCpdf...
We endorse ABCpdf for HTML to PDF conversion...

The webpage on which your article appears must be publicly accessible. Sites that require registration or password verification are not what we would regard as suitable. As a general rule, if your webpage can be found by submitting queries through the main page of a public search engine, such as Google or Yahoo, then we will regard the page as publicly accessible.

Telling Us

Please use our standard application form to submit your application. Please don't be put off by the legal nature of the form - it just repeats what's said on this page.

Please allow five working days for the issue of your license. Submissions have to be manually checked and this can take a little time. Once you get your license, take care of it. If you lose it you will have to reapply to get it reissued.

Current special offers are for 'ABCpdf .NET Standard', 'ABCocr .NET', 'TaskGarden', 'ABCUpload ASP', 'ABCUpload .NET', 'WordGlue .NET", and the standard edition of 'ImageGlue'. Other products are not available on special offer.

Please note that special offers do have a limited life span. We'll extend any offer a couple of weeks if you've been relying on it. However we can't extend offers indefinitely.

We want people to use our products. Help us help you.