Clears the cached, decompressed data for stream objects.




virtual void ClearCachedDecompressedStreams()
virtual void ClearCachedDecompressedStreams(StreamObjectTypes types)

[Visual Basic]
Overridable Sub ClearCachedDecompressedStreams()
Overridable Sub ClearCachedDecompressedStreams(types As StreamObjectTypes)



Name Description

The types of stream objects whose cached, decompressed data are discarded. The default value is All.




Use this method to discards the cached, decompressed data for multiple stream objects.

The StreamObjectTypes enumeration may take a combination of the following values:

  • None – no stream object.
  • All – all stream objects.
  • Others – stream objects not of the below types.
  • PixMap
  • FormXObject – Form XObject.
  • TilingPattern – tiling pattern object.
  • StreamShadingObject – shading objects that are streams.
  • StreamFunction – function objects that are streams.

You can apply the effect to a single stream object using StreamObject.ClearCachedDecompressed.