Class Description
Public class CollectiveException
A collection of exceptions occurred during multiple retries.
Public class Instance < (Of < ( <' TInterface > ) > ) >
Represents an instance of a class in the worker process.
Public class InstanceStartInfo
Contains information and options for an Instance object.
Public class InvalidLicenseException
An error occurred due to invalid license.
Public class License
License information.
Public class OperationTimedOutException
Remote process did not respond within specified time limit.
Public class Pool < (Of < ( <' TInterface > ) > ) >
Provides a pool implementation for Instances.
Public class RemoteProcessTerminatedException
Remote process has terminated unexpectedly.
Public class Settings
Manages license information.
Public class Template
Represents a process executable file.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration Framework
Specifies target framework version of the worker process.
Public enumeration LicenseType
A license's type.
Public enumeration Platform
Specifies target platform of the worker process.
Public enumeration RunIn
Specifies where to host the target class.