Gets the proxy object that implements TInterface. Calls to this object will be executed on the worker process and the return value will be passed back.

Namespace:  WebSupergoo.TaskGarden


public TInterface 
Target { 
get; }
Visual Basic
As TInterface


The returned interface can be used to control the target class hosted in the worker process. Return values and parameters will be serialized and transferred back and forth. Primitive types such as byte arrays, integers will work automatically. If you want to pass a custom type as a parameter or return value, you must mark the type with the Serializable attribute and preferably implement the ISerializable interface.

Since every call to Target results in an RPC (remote procedure call), it is slower than traditional, local function calls. Minimizing such RPCs can improve application performance. For example, you can batch chunks of data into an array and pass the whole array to the remote instance to be processed, instead of making an RPC for every element in the array.

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