The Pool < (Of < ( <' TInterface > ) > ) > type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AutoRetryCount
If any calls to the Target fails with an exception, the call will be automatically retried this number of times.
Public property IdleTimeLimit
Number of milliseconds after which idle Instances will be shut down. Null specifies that no Instances will be shut down for being idle.
Public property RecycleInterval
The interval number of milliseconds where Instances will be recycled. Null indicates that no regular recycling will occur.
Public property Sequential
Whether function calls to the same worker process needs to be serialized. Set this to true if TTarget refers to a class that is not reentrant.
Public property Target
Gets the proxy object that implements TInterface. Calls to this object will be executed on a pooled worker process and the return value will be passed back.
Public property Timeout
Timeout for operations in milliseconds. Null indicates no timeout value (call will wait for result indefinitely).

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