We've done a radical overhaul of the core upload engine. It was always fast and efficient but now it's even more so - if you want to do simultaneous 100 MB uploads you can do them using ABCUpload.

We now support self referential forms. This means you can combine your form and your form processing page into one rather than having one HTML page for the form and one ASP page for the form processing.

We've added support for normal forms as well as the multipart encoded forms that you need for file upload. So you can use ABCUpload throughout your web site whenever you want to reference a form.

We've been working around bugs in international versions of browsers. There's a new CodePage property that allows you to set a default language code for character conversions in cases where no other information is available.

We've updated the version so if you were using a previous version of ABCUpload you will need to change your XForm object creation code to.

Set myForm = Server.CreateObject("ABCUpload4.XForm")

Plus of course we've made lots of other minor improvements that we won't bother you with here.