This object is an upload capable replacement for the standard Microsoft Request.Form object. It handles forms encoded in multipart format as defined in RFC 1867.


Method Description
Read Read in raw uploaded data from a file.
Save Save the raw uploaded data.
SetUser Impersonate a different user.



Property Default Description
Files No A collection of all the file upload fields.
Item Yes A set of fields referenced by name or number.
Count No The number of field sets available.
ID No The form unique ID.
AbsolutePath No Whether to use absolute or virtual paths.
Overwrite No Whether to overwrite existing files.
MaxUploadSize No The maximum size of uploads to allow.
User No The current identity being used by ABCUpload.
Domain No The domain which the user belongs to.
CodePage No The character set codepage to use.
Multipart No Whether multipart data was submitted.
Streams No Whether to use NTFS streams.
Form No A reference to this XForm object.