Allows you to save the contents of a field.



XField.Save inPath



This method allows you to save an uploaded file to a location in your web site or on your disk. All you need to do is to specify a valid path.

If you use the Save method and no file has been uploaded a zero length file will be saved. To avoid saving zero length files check the FileExists property before using the Save method.

If you save to an NTFS volume and the upload was in MacBinary format then the the complete file will be saved with data fork, resource fork and other file information completely intact. Windows users will see only the data fork but Macintosh users accessing the volume using Services for Macintosh (SFM) will see the complete file as uploaded from the client browser.

Whether the path is treated as a virtual path or an absolute path is determined by the XForm AbsolutePath property.

Whether other files are automatically overwritten is determined by the XForm Overwrite property.


See Also

FileExists property. MacBinary property. XForm.AbsolutePath property. XForm.Overwrite property. XForm.Streams property.