Type Default Value Read Only Description
Enum N/A Yes The type of image uploaded.



This gives you the type of image that was uploaded. The possible return values are:

  • 0 - abcUnknown
  • 1 - abcJPEGgray
  • 2 - abcJPEG
  • 3 - abcJPEGcmyk
  • 4 - abcGIF
  • 5 - abcPNG
  • 6 - abcBMP

If the ImageType is recognized then the ImageHeight and ImageWidth properties will contain the dimensions of the image.

Note the distinction between different types of JPEG image. A full validation of the JPEG data is carried out (this is very fast) to determine firstly if the image is complete and secondly the exact type of JPEG data. If the image is incomplete then the the type will be abcUnknown.

Only standard JPEG images (type abcJPEG) are guaranteed viewable by web browsers. There are no web browsers that we are aware of that allow viewing of CMYK JPEG images. Grayscale JPEG images are viewable using many browsers but you may not wish to rely on this.


See Also

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