We've rewritten the whole of ABCUpload in C#. It's 100% CLS compliant and 100% managed code for unsurpassed performance, control and stability.

This rewrite has given us the opportunity to completely update the core upload engine using our proprietary GigUpload™ technology. ABCUpload was always fast and efficient but now it's even more so - if you want to do simultaneous Gigabyte uploads you can do them using ABCUpload .NET.

We've updated our Pure HTML Progress Bar™ for even better feedback. You can customize the messages and even see what file's currently being uploaded. Combine this with our new GigUpload technology and you've got an unbeatable package!

ABCUpload integrates perfectly with ASP.NET. You can interoperate with standard .NET upload classes taking advantage of only the features within ABCUpload that you require. You can use the Pure HTML Progress bar in conjunction with the standard HttpRequest Files collection. You can use the ABCUpload Upload class to access advanced upload features. You can even use the Pure HTML Progress bar in conjunction with other kinds of HTTP requests such as normal form submissions.