ABCUpload allows you to save and re-create uploads for debugging purposes. This facility is disabled by default and you must make changes to the Web.Config file to allow it to be used.

The first step in re-creating an upload is to save the raw upload data. This is simply accomplished by creating an Upload object and calling the Save method. Your code might look as simple as this.

using WebSupergoo.ABCUpload6;
Upload theUpload = new Upload();
theUpload.Save "c:\\mydump.txt"

Imports WebSupergoo.ABCUpload6
Dim theUpload As Upload = New Upload()
theUpload.Save "c:\mydump.txt"

To recreate an upload you must must alter the Web.Config file to tell ABCUpload what file to read. The queryfields section of the configuration file contains the dumpPath attribute which determines which query field to check for a saved upload file. So you might choose to insert the following text.

<queryfields dumpPath = "DumpPath" />

To trigger the recreation you then need to submit your form passing the file path in the query string. So you might simply link to the following page.


When this page is requested the ABCUpload Progress Module will intercept the request. However instead of passing in the uploaded data it will read the data from the specified file and pass this through instead.