The easiest way to install ABCUpload is to use the installer. The installer performs the following core functions.

  • Places the ABCUpload6.DLL assembly into the Global Assembly Cache (GAC)
  • Creates all necessary Event Logging and installation preferences
  • Installs the ABCSettings application

Under some circumstances you may wish to install ABCUpload manually. At a minimum you can place the ABCUpload6.DLL assembly into the bin directory of your web site. A copy of the DLL is available in the ImageGlue .NET installation directory.

However if you do this the full installation procedure will not have been followed. This has the following consequences:

  • Assuming you have standard permissions set up then ABCUpload will not be able to report warnings via the Application Event Log
  • No installation serial key will have been created and so the 30 day trial period will not be available

You can install a serial key using the web.config file. For details see the serial property in the ABCUpload Configuration section of this document.