We don't expect you to have any problems with our software but if you do we offer a full level of support as standard. However if you need an extra level of security we offer a Platinum Level Support program offering a priority channel through to our engineers.

Your first port of call should be to check out the FAQ on our website. If it doesn't cover your particular query you can mail us via the email addresses given on our web site. We prefer queries via email as technical issues are often complicated and require some thought on our side as well as yours. However if you need to telephone then numbers are listed on our web site.

Remember to tell us what Operating System you're on and what version of ABCUpload you're using. You can get the exact version of ABCUpload by getting properties on the ABCUpload6.DLL file.

If the problem is occurring in code you've written we'll probably start by asking you if it occurs in the example web pages which were installed with ABCUpload. This is so we can separate out installation and configuration issues from coding issues. You may wish to try the example pages out so that you can tell us in advance. Just create a new virtual directory and select the folder which contains the example code.

Please give us a precise description of what's gone wrong. If something's working partially please tell us what parts are working and what parts are not. If you have any theories or suspicions about what's going on please do tell us. Also tell us about any unusual software or configuration that might be relevant.

If the problem appears to be due to a corrupt or nonstandard upload you may wish to save a dump of the upload using the Upload.Save method and then send it through to us for analysis.