This class encapsulates a file upload. It is designed to supplement the functionality of the Files collection in the standard HttpRequest object. The Files collection in this class behaves identically to the Files collection in the HttpRequest object.

Although you can use the HttpRequest Files collection to access uploaded files it is better to create and use an Upload object. The Upload object automatically manages and decodes uploaded files to allow you to deal with the functionality of your application rather than housekeeping issues.

Inherits From: Object
Namespace: WebSupergoo.ABCUpload6
Assembly: ABCUpload6.DLL

Method Description
Upload Upload class constructor.
Dispose Clears the upload and releases all held resources.
Save Saves a dump of the raw uploaded data.

Property Description
CodePage Gets or sets the CodePage to use when interpreting uploaded text and attributes.
Context Gets or sets the HttpContext for this upload.
Files Gets the UploadedFileCollection containing all the files in the upload.
Overwrite Gets or sets a value indicating whether existing files should be overwritten using save operations.