Saves an uploaded file onto the server using Services for Macintosh (SFM) format if appropriate.



void SaveSFM(string path)


Name Type Description
path string The path to the save destination.



This method behaves very similarly to the SaveAs method but it ensures that MacBinary format files are saved in Services For Macintosh (SFM) format. This method uses an unmanaged call to the Windows API so you must ensure that you have permission to call unmanaged code.

If you save to an NTFS volume and the upload was in MacBinary format then the the complete file will be saved with data fork, resource fork and other file information completely intact. Windows users will see only the data fork but Macintosh users accessing the volume using Services for Macintosh (SFM) will see the complete file as uploaded from the client browser.

If you wish to maintain the Macintosh filename you should save the file using the WinSafeFileName as a base filename.

Whether the path is treated as a virtual path or an absolute path is determined by the standard ABCUpload path interpretation algorithm.

Whether other files are automatically overwritten is determined by the Upload Overwrite property.


See Also

Path Interpretation discussion. SaveAs method. Exists property. MacBinary property. Upload.Overwrite property.