Type Default Value Description
string Dependent on uploaded file. Gets the path to the file on the client's machine.



This contains the file path as reported by the uploading client browser. This is typically the path to the file as exists on the client computer.

  • Windows Browsers upload a path name - e.g. "c:\mydirectory\myfile.ext"
  • Macintosh Browsers upload the file name only - e.g. "Picture of Mum?"
  • UNIX users upload a path name - e.g. "mydrive:\mydir\\myfile.ext"

This property may contain Unicode characters depending on the locale of the uploading operating system, the name of the file and the type of browser being used to perform the upload. In general Internet Explorer browsers support Unicode uploads while Netscape Navigator browsers do not.

The FileName is interpreted in the context of the current code page, taking into account browser specific state information. For this reason it will return correct file names in cases where ASP.NET often returns incorrect ones.

Depending on the source Operating System and Browser this name may contain characters such as question marks and slashes which are illegal in file names on Windows.

This property is equivalent to the HttpPostedFile FileName property.


See Also

RawFileName property. WinSafeFileName property. URLSafeFileName property. Upload.CodePage property.