Purchase Legal Coverage

We know our software. We know the industry. We take great care to ensure that anything we provide is not going to cause any problems.

We check all licenses and all software carefully and we have no reason to believe there are any legal issues related to any software we produce.

No legal challenge has ever been made against us or our clients on the basis of a problem with our software.

However our licenses specifically disclaim legal liability. This is in line with industry standards. We do it because it is an accepted method of risk management and it allows our prices to be kept low.

In some circumstances you may wish us to take responsibility for liability rather than make your own arrangements. It can be cheaper for us to cover ourselves for this type of risk than it is for you to do so yourself. This is particularly the case if you work for a large organization.

However please do not purchase this product until approval has been granted and you have been directed to do so.