ASP Progress Bar

So why an ASP Progress Bar? File upload is wonderful because it's so compatible. Because uploads use standard HTTP almost any client can do them and proxy servers don't get in the way. If a client is on a high bandwidth connection or is uploading small files it's virtually instant.

Issues start to occur if you're uploading bigger files or your clients are on low bandwidth connections. Files may take minutes to upload to your server. Because web browsers don't show progress bars your visitors may get confused or irritated and give up before finishing their uploads.

ABCUpload provides you with an ASP Progress Bar. It monitors every upload and lets you to see the progress of your file upload in real time. There's nothing needed other than a browser.

You can see our Pure HTML Progress Bar live in action on our example web site or if you're interested in the nuts and bolts of how it works just read on.

The multipart HTML file upload form contains a file field for the upload. On submit we need to send the multipart file upload data to IIS and also create a new progress bar window. To do this we need to use a standard button with a client side JavaScript action rather than a default submit button.

When the submit button is clicked a brower-side JavaScript function is triggered. It generates a UID for the upload and creates an ASP progress bar window putting the UID into the URL so that we can get it back again later. Only after this does it pass on the POSTed data - again placing the UID into the URL.

On the page that processes the upload - before we ask for the upload we set create an entry in our database for the ID that was passed to us in the URL. In this way while the upload is being processed by ABCUpload it can log progress in the server side database.

The ASP Progress Bar is a window which is designed to auto-refresh itself. Every time it refreshes, the ASP code looks up the state of the upload in the server side database and updates the progress state appropriately. When the upload is finished the window uses client side JavaScript to close itself.

If you'd like to read more about the ASP Progress Bar you might like to check out the documentation...