When loading images into databases you should consider what you want to accomplish. Often there's little or no advantage - you end up with your image in a database rather than on disk. This means:

  • It's difficult to get at.
  • It's not terribly fast to access.
  • Your database may exhibit the kinds of problems that you normally only get on enterprise level systems simply because of the volume of data being stored.

Often it's better to save the file on disk and put a reference to it into your database.

However... ImageGlue allows you to get at raw image data so that this can be done. Internally within Windows the raw data is an Array of Bytes. You can insert this type into a database as a BLOB (Binary Large Object).

To actually get the BLOB into the database can be complicated and is more a function of database access than of ImageGlue. We recommend visiting ASP Today at http://www.asptoday.com and searching for BLOB - which will produce a number of references to excellent articles on this subject.