Security Issues are the cause of most of the problems we deal with. We test our products on default installations of Windows so we know they will work with the default security setup. If your security policy is too strict ImageGlue may be denied access to the registry or the file system.

When you install ImageGlue or QuickTime you should be logged on with Administrator privileges. If you do not have the correct privileges the install process may fail or end up incomplete.

ImageGlue uses the registry to get some of its settings. It also uses a configuration file that by default is in the installation directory. If you have problems with these items you should suspect your security settings.

If ImageGlue is denied access to the file system you will have problems reading and writing files. Depending on setup you may find that files that exist are reported missing, that files you try to save produce security errors and that pathnames that exist are reported as invalid.

The easiest way to sort out security problems is to let Windows do it for you. If you audit security failures for ASPNET, the Security Event Log will tell you exactly where the problem is. There are details on how to set up auditing at .