Loads of Formats

In addition to reading and writing our core media formats:

BMP, PNG, TIFF, Fax TIFF, JPEG / JFIF, GIF, Photoshop (PSD), QuickDraw PICT, Targa, QuickTime Image (QTIF), Silicon Graphics (SGI), MacPaint, FlashPix (FPX).

ImageGlue reads a whole host of QuickTime movie formats:

Macromedia Flash™ 4 (SWF), Movie (MOV), QTVR, Cubic VR, AVI (Microsoft Audio Video Interleaved), XML / SMIL, DV (Digital Video), 3DMF (3D Metafile), FLC (FLIC File format), PICS, TXT (Text). Using the following codecs where relevant - H.261, H.263, Animation, Apple BMP, Apple Video, Cinepak, Component video, DV NTSC and PAL, Graphics, Microsoft OLE, Microsoft Video 1, Motion JPEG A and B, Photo JPEG, Planar RGB, Sorenson Video 1 and 2.

And selectively reads and writes many other image formats:

16bit/pixel interleaved YUV (PAL, UYVY), Adobe Encapsulated PostScript (EPS, EPSF), Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Interchange format (EPSI), EPT (Adobe Encapsulated PostScript with TIFF preview), Adobe Level II Encapsulated PostScript (EPS2), Adobe Level II PostScript (PS2), Adobe Level III PostScript (PS3), Adobe PostScript (PS), Alias/Wavefront image (RLA), Alias/Wavefront RLE image format (PIX), AVS X image (AVS), Bi-level bitmap in least-significant-byte first order (MONO), CCIR 601 4:1:1 (YUV), Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image (DCM), Digital Moving Picture Exchange (DPX), DR Hallo (CUT), Encapsulated Portable Document Format (EPDF), Flexible Image Transport System (FITS), Group 3 FAX (FAX, G3), Hierarchical Data Format (HDF), IPTC Newsphoto (IPTC), Khoros Visualization image (VIFF, XV), Microsoft icon (ICO, ICON), MTV Raytracing image format (MTV), Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG), Page Control Language (PCL), PF1: 1st Publisher (ART), Photo CD (PCD, PCDS), Pilot Image Format (PDB), Portable anymap (PNM), Portable bitmap format (PBM), Portable Document Format (PDF), Portable graymap format (PGM), Portable pixmap format (PPM), PSX TIM (TIM), Pyramid encoded TIFF (PTIF), Raw cyan, magenta, yellow, and black bytes (CMYK), Raw gray bytes (GRAY), Raw red, green, and blue bytes (RGB), Raw red, green, blue, and matte bytes (RGBA), Scitex HandShake (SCT), Seattle Film Works (PWP), SUN Rasterfile (RAS, SUN), Utah Run length encoded image (RLE), VICAR rasterfile format (VICAR), Visual Image Directory (VID), Wireless Bitmap level 0 image (WBMP), Word Perfect Graphics (WPG), X-Motif UIL table (UIL), Xv thumbnail format (P7), ZSoft IBM PC multi-page Paintbrush (DCX), ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush (PCX).

Perfect Display

If you want the smallest, highest quality GIF export ImageGlue is a must for color reduction.

Custom palette handling is a breeze with ImageGlue. Reduce the number of colors in your images using one of nine different palette types. These include adaptive, file based palettes - act files - and raw palettes extracted from other images.

Our transform routines use fast high quality interpolation so that resizes and rotations look absolutely brilliant.

ImageGlue uses ICC (International Color Consortium) color profiles when converting images from one color space to another. What this means is that your CMYK TIFF and CMYK JPEG images will display perfectly using ImageGlue.

Efficient Use of Resources

Our Very Large JPEG Support™ is unique to ImageGlue. This allows us to read in and scale down extremely large JPEG images very efficiently. The memory used can be as little as 2% of the value that you might normally expect.

Our Very Large TIFF Support™ extends this capability to TIFF images. Very Large TIFF Support™ allows high quality resizing of enormous TIFF images. If you want to thumbnail Gigapixel TIFFs ImageGlue can handle it!

You don't need to read an entire image into memory just to find out about it. Using the ImageGlue XImage object you can find out all about an image before you decide how you want to render it.

Loads More Features

Here's just a small selection of some other features that ImageGlue offers...

ImageGlue now comes with the same rendering engine as ABCpdf. This allows you to render EPS, PS and PDF files without reference to any external software. It also allows you to draw PostScript direct into your Canvas. All the power of PostScript from simple text drawing to complex warping and special effects are yours for the taking.

Draw curved text using ImageGlue. Simply specify the path you want your text to appear on and then draw it. We also offer advanced features like adjustment of horizontal positioning, vertical positioning and text kerning.

Selection lets you create complex alpha channels based on the contents of your image.

Multi-language text support with enhanced support for different character sets such as Symbol, Japanese, Korean and Arabic. You can list fonts by character set and choose a specific character set when drawing text.

ImageGlue supports embedded metadata, the kind of textual information you can alter using the Adobe Photoshop 'File Info...' command. This means you can extract embedded copyright, caption and other information from images as they are uploaded. ImageGlue supports IPTC-NAA Information Interchange Model Version 4 metadata as defined in IIMV4.pdf.