.NET Native

ImageGlue 7 is .NET Native. This means that it runs even faster than before in a package which is completely COM free. All our code has been rewritten in both C# and VB and you'll find loads of new examples designed to leverage this power.

You'll also find that lots of new methods and classes specific to the .NET environment.

Easy to Deploy

ImageGlue 7 comes in a small and compact package which can be deployed manually. Just great for redistributable applications!

New APIs

Along with the old text based APIs a new set of classes and methods has been added. These classes make programming with ImageGlue7 more like normal .NET development, based on properties and methods, rather than strings. For example, images are loaded in a dedicated class, XImage. This makes it easy to re-use images and provides better performance. See also the specialized Draw methods in Canvas as well Canvas.Export and XExport.

ABCpdf integration

ImageGlue 7 leverages ABCpdf powerful vector graphics import and export functionality. This means you can import PDF, XPS, Office, Postscript documents into your Canvas and, likewise, save your Canvas as PDF, XPS and any other export format of ABCpdf.

Version 7.2

We've extensively optimized common graphics operations in ImageGlue. The speed improvements depend very much on the type of operation that you are performing and the size of images you are using. However for simple resize and placement operations we have seen speed improvements of up to 100% on previous versions.

ImageGlue used to have one core engine - ImageGlueCE7.dll. In this new release we've modified this so that there is one x86 engine - ImageGlue7-32.dll - and one x64 engine - ImageGlue7-64.dll. On a practical level this means that you can now do joint x86/x64 installations via the bin directory.

ImageGlue now supports the export of BMP and PCX images in a variety of depths. It produces higher quality styled text output via intelligent use of fonts. The Canvas.ToImage and Canvas.ToBitmap methods now preserve alpha channels. Plus a number of other minor fixes and enhancements.

Version 7.3

Again only a small change in version but some big changes under the hood.

Updated to .NET 4.0 for out-of-the-box compatibility with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012..

Better import and export capabilities in terms of speed, portability and capability; most notably as relates to Photoshop (PSD), CMYK JPEG, PNG and PDF.

General rendering optimizations for improved speed, quality and memory use. An accompanying host of minor fixes.