ImageGlue configuration settings.

This class is sealed. It cannot be derived from.

This class manipulates a configuration section in a .NET configuration file. These are xml files and usually have extension .config.

Unlike the settings in XSettings, the values in this class refer to a configuration file that can be changed making the settings application specific.

The settings file opened by default is that specified in the "DefaultSettings" registry key.

See the class constructor for more details.

Method Description
XConfig XConfig constructor.
AddImage Add an image to the Images collection
Refresh Refresh settings by reading the configuration file.
RemoveImage Remove an image from the Images collection
Save Save settings to file.
Property Description
DisabledImportModules The disabled image import modules.
FilePath The file path.
Images The image configurations.
MaxSize The maximum image size, in pixels.
MaxTxtFile Max size of a text file, in characters.
OperationLog Settings for logging Canvas operations.
UsingRegistry Whether the registry DefaultSettings are in use.