Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
String Operation.log No No The operation log file.

This file contains information for every operation performed on every canvas, which took longer than MinTime milliseconds. It contains the following columns:

  • Version. The ImageGlue version.
  • ID. The operation identifier. This is a counter that is incremented by the Canvas that performed the operation. It is therefore unique only for the operations of a given Canvas. The Canvas ID and this identifier identify each operation uniquely.
  • StartTime. The time at which the operation was started.
  • Duration. The duration of the operation, in milliseconds.
  • Type. A string identifying the type of operation, for example "Save As".
  • Canvas ID. The unique identifier of the Canvas. Each Canvas has a unique identifier, ID.
  • Path. When relevant, the path of the file. For example the path of the file that was saved. When not relevant this is left empty.
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