Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
String Latin No No The text font language.

If drawing non Latin text, set this to one of the values specified in Canvas.Language.

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Here we use Language and TextFont to mix standard text and symbol fonts.


Canvas canvas = new Canvas(300, 200, new XColor(Color.Yellow));
DrawOptions drawOpts = new DrawOptions(canvas);
drawOpts.TextFont = "Times";
drawOpts.TextSize = 24;
canvas.DrawText("Some Text...", new XPoint(0, 0), drawOpts);
drawOpts.Language = "Unicode";
drawOpts.TextFont = "Wingdings";
canvas.DrawText("Symbols.", new XPoint(0, 60), drawOpts);
drawOpts.TextFont = "Times";
canvas.DrawText("Some more text...", new XPoint(0, 120), drawOpts);

[Visual Basic]

Dim canvas As New Canvas(300, 200, New XColor(Color.Yellow))
Dim drawOpts As New DrawOptions(canvas)
drawOpts.TextFont = "Times"
drawOpts.TextSize = 24
canvas.DrawText("Some Text...", New XPoint(0, 0), drawOpts)
drawOpts.Language = "Unicode"
drawOpts.TextFont = "Wingdings"
canvas.DrawText("Symbols.", New XPoint(0, 60), drawOpts)
drawOpts.TextFont = "Times"
canvas.DrawText("Some more text...", New XPoint(0, 120), drawOpts)

It produces the following output image: