Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
RenderingIntentType RenderingIntentType.Perceptual No No The rendering intent for converting colors.

When ICC profiles are used to convert color spaces, this parameter determines how colors outside the gamut of the destination color space are remapped.

  • Perceptual - the whole gamut of the original image is compressed until it fits within the gamut of the destination color space.
  • Relative Colorimetric - leaves all colors the same when they fall within the destination gamut but those that fall outside the destination gamut are mapped to the nearest 'in gamut' equivalent.
  • Saturation - preserves the relative saturation of the 'out of gamut' colors as they are mapped from one color gamut to the other even at the expense of having accurate hue and lightness.
  • Absolute Colorimetric - all colors within the original color gamut are mapped exactly to the same colors within the destination color space