Canvas export configuration class.

This class is sealed. It cannot be derived from.

Object Description
PdfOptions The PDF export options.

Enum Description
Property Description
AntiAlias Whether to render with anti alias or not.
Append Whether to append to (rather than overwrite) existing image files.
Author The author of the image - the artist.
ColorSpace The color space of the exported image.
Comment The description of the image.
Compression The compression to apply when exporting as TIFF.
DefaultHalftone Default halftone type and options.
Depth The bit depth of the exported image.
Dither Whether to dither colors when exporting.
EmbedColorProfile The path to the output ICC color profile.
Exif Exif Data to be embedded in JPEG images.
HRes The horizontal resolution, in dots per inch.
IPTC IPTC Data to be embedded in JPEG images.
IccCmyk The path to the CMYK ICC color profile.
IccGray The path to the Gray ICC color profile.
IccRgb The path to the RGB ICC color profile.
Interlace Whether to interlace.
Irb Photoshop Image Resource Block (IRB) Data to be embedded in JPEG images.
NumTiffStrips The number of strips to place in a tiff export.
Overprint Whether to apply overprint.
Palette The palette used when reducing colors.
Pdf The PDF export options.
Progressive Whether the JPEG export should be progressive.
Quality The quality when performing a lossy compression, for example with JPEG or SWF.
Title The title of the image.
TransparentColor The GIF transparent color.
TransparentPoint The GIF transparent point.
UseAlpha Whether to use the alpha channel.
VRes The vertical resolution, in dots per inch.