Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
Nullable<ColorSpace> null No No A color space for the export.

By default the export color space is taken from the PixelFormat of the image. However by specifying a value here you can override this format. This value will only be used if the image format you select supports the color space you specify.


Here we save a cmyk jpg using a saturation rendering intent.


using (Bitmap bm = (Bitmap)Bitmap.FromFile(Server.MapPath("rez/jeremy-bishop-_CFv3bntQlQ-unsplash.jpg"))) {
  EncoderParameters pars = new EncoderParameters();
  pars.RenderingIntent = RenderingIntent.Saturation;
  pars.AllowIntentChanges = false;
  pars.ColorSpace = ColorSpace.CMYK;
  bm.Save(Server.MapPath("IG8_EncoderParameters_ColorSpace.jpg"), ImageFormat.Jpeg, pars);