A font to be used for drawing text.


This class is sealed. It cannot be derived from.

Method Description
Font Creates a new font object.
S» BuiltInFromName Gets a new built-in font using a specified size.
Clone Makes a deep copy of the current Font.
Equals Determines whether the specified object is a Font, value identical to this one.
GetHashCode Obtains a hash code for the Font.
GetHeight Gets the height of this font in pixels.
ToString Converts the object to string.
Property Description
Bold Whether the font is bold or not.
FontFamily Gets the font family for the font.
Italic Whether the font is italic or not.
Name Gets the font face name.
OriginalFontName Gets the original name of the font.
Size Gets he em-size of the font in points.
SizeInPoints Gets the em-size of the font in points.
Strikeout Whether the font is strikeout or not. Strikeout is a style with a horizontal line through the font.
Style Gets the style of this font.
Underline Whether the font is underlined or not.