An image is the base type for surfaces on which drawing can take place.

The classic image type is an RGB Bitmap. However images could encompass surfaces such as SVG vector output.


Thic class is abstract. It cannot be instantiated.

Method Description
AddFrame Adds a frame, specified by dimension and makes it active. The size and resolution of the new frame are the same as that of the previous frame.
Clone Makes a deep copy of the current Image.
Commit Commits all changes to the image.
Dispose Release any resources that are held by this object.
S» FromFile Creates an Image from a file containing image data.
S» FromStream Creates an Image from a stream containing image data.
GetFrameCount Gets the number of frames in a particular dimension.
GetThumbnailImage Makes a thumbnail of the current image.
RotateFlip Rotate or flip the current image.
Save Saves the document as a particular format. If no image format is specified the format will be inferred from the file name extension.
SelectActiveFrame Selects a frame specified by dimension and index. Throws an exception if the frame does not exist.
Property Description
Bounds Gets the bounds of the image in pixels.
FrameDimensionsList The frame dimensions supported by this document.
Height Gets the height of the image in pixels.
HorizontalResolution Gets the horizontal resolution of the image in Dots Per Inch (DPI).
PhysicalDimension Gets the physical dimensions in points.
PixelFormat Gets or sets the pixel format for the document. This property allows you to determine how pixels are represented in terms of bit depth and color space.
RawFormat The original format of the image.
Resolution Gets the horizontal and vertical resolution of the image in Dots Per Inch (DPI).
Size Gets the size of the image in pixels.
Tag A tag that can be used to add user information to an image.
VerticalResolution Gets the vertical resolution of the image in Dots Per Inch (DPI).
Width Gets the width of the image in pixels.