Type Default Value Read Only Static Description
Color Color.White No No The backdrop color against which content is rendered. By default the backdrop is white which mimics printing on paper However by changing this property you can change the background to a different color. For example System.Drawing default to displays against a black background so this is an option you might like to use for compatibility. Backdrop colors must be fully opaque - they cannot have transparency - so any alpha transparency will be ignored. These colors are only relevant for raster output such as JPEG or PNG. Do not use them for vector output such as PDF, EPS or XPS.



[C#]using (Bitmap pie = new Bitmap(500, 500)) {
  using (Graphics gr = Graphics.FromImage(pie)) {
    RectangleF rect = pie.Bounds;
    rect.Inflate(-50, -50);
    gr.FillPie(Brushes.Red, rect, 20, 100);
    pie.Backdrop = Color.SeaGreen;

The code here draws a red pie slice on a bitmap. It then sets the backdrop color of the Bitmap to green and saves. the final output as a PNG. The final output is shown below.