Analyse the current frame of this image.


void Analyse(Func<bool> cancel);

[Visual Basic]

Sub Analyse(cancel As Func(Of Boolean))
Name Description
cancel A callback which can be used to cancel the scan. May be null.

Analysing populates the following properties.

  • ColorProfiles
  • VectorImageCount
  • PathPaintCount
  • PathClipCount
  • TextObjectCount
  • HasVectorAlpha
  • HasRasterAlpha
  • HasRasterMatte
  • TilingPatternCount
  • ShadingPatternCount
  • RasterImageCount
You can optionally pass in a function which will get called immediately after each property gets updated. If you return true from this callback the analysis will be cancelled. This can be used to limit the amount of processing if you are only interested in limited information.