Save settings to file.


bool Save();
bool Save(bool setAsDefaultSettings);

[Visual Basic]

Function Save() As Boolean
Function Save(setAsDefaultSettings As Boolean) As Boolean
Name Description
setAsDefaultSettings Whether to set the registry DefaultSettings.
return True if the settings were saved, false otherwise.

You can change any configuration values during execution and those values will be valid for as long as the application is running. However unless you call this method your changes will be not be saved to the configuration file.

When setAsDefaultSettings is set to true, the registry "DefaultSettings" entry will point to this configuration file.

Therefore by calling this method you can alter the configuration values of any ImageGlue instance that runs on the machine. You can use IGSettings.exe to achieve this, so normally you should not need to call this method.

Depending on how you created this XConfig object, you may not be able to save its settings as some configurations may be read-only.

Furthermore, this method will fail if some other process has modified the configuration file in the meantime.

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