ABCocr.dll is the main .NET assembly.

When the assembly is loaded, it locates and loads two other DLLs - Tesseract.dll and liblept168.dll.

When the assembly runs it locates data files in the tessdata folder. These data files let ABCocr recognize specific characters and words. Because different languages have different characters and words there are different data files for different languages.

For more details see the Manual Installation section of the documentation.




You need to add a reference to ABCocr from your Visual Studio Project. This tells Visual Studio to link the ABCocr assembly into the build.

If you are not using Visual Studio, you will need to consult the documentation for your chosen development environment.




There is one public namespace in ABCocr. You can reference it using the following directives.

using WebSupergoo.ABCocr3;

[Visual Basic]
Imports WebSupergoo.ABCocr3

The ABCocr3 namespace contains the classes you will use for OCR.

There is an OCR class which provides methods for assigning images to be processed. The results come back as a Page object which contains a list of Word objects. Each Word object contains a list of Blob objects which, broadly speaking, correspond to characters. All these objects have text and bounds so that you can work out where they are in the image.




This is some simple example code. All it does is to report the ABCocr license information.

Response.Write("License: " + XSettings.License + "<br>");

[Visual Basic]
Response.Write("License: " & XSettings.License & "<br>")