Specify an image for OCR.




void SetBitmap(Bitmap bitmap)
void SetBitmap(Bitmap bitmap, bool dispose)

[Visual Basic]
Sub Read(bitmap As Bitmap)
Sub Read(bitmap As Bitmap, dispose as Boolean)

Throws Exceptions may throw Exception()



Name Description

The System.Drawing.Bitmap to be processed.

dispose Whether to dispose of the System.Drawing.Bitmap after use. Default false.




Use this method to specify an image for OCR.

The image will be processed and the Page property will be updated with the results of the operation. Any existing Page content will be lost. If an error occurs then an exception will be thrown.

You may wish to allow ABCocr to dispose of the image as soon as it has finished with it. This is particularly useful if operating from multiple threads and if each bitmap is large as it will ensure that memory use is kept reasonable.

Performing OCR can be a lengthy and time consuming operation. As such you may wish to specify a Timeout for the operation. If the operation takes longer than the specified time then an exception will be thrown.