Type Default Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
 Auto No The page segmentation mode.




This property determines the page segmentation mode for OCR.

The page segmentation defines how a page is broken up into pieces before OCR is applied to each of these sections.

The Segmentation enum can take the following values:

  • OsdOnly - Orientation and script detection only
  • AutoOsd - Automatic page segmentation with orientation and script detection
  • AutoOnly - Automatic page segmentation but no orientation and script detection or OCR
  • Auto - Fully automatic page segmentation, but no OSD (default)
  • SingleColumn - A single column of text of variable sizes
  • SingleBlockVerticalText - A single uniform block of vertically aligned text
  • SingleBlock - A single uniform block of text
  • SingleLine - A single text line
  • SingleWord - A single word
  • CircleWord - A single word in a circle
  • SingleChar - A single character
  • SparseText - As much text as possible in no particular order
  • SparseTextOsd - Sparse text with orientation and script detection
  • RawLine - A single text line in raw format

Single word or character segmentation can increase the reliability of OCR when very small numbers of characters are involved. OSD options are appropriate when the language and orientation is unknown.