Install a system license.




bool InstallSystemLicense(string license)

[Visual Basic]
Function InstallSystemLicense(license As String) As Boolean



Name Description
license The license to install.
return True if a license is installed, otherwise false.




Use this method to install a system license. Call this method at application startup before any ABCocr objects have been created.

This method saves the license for use on a system-wide basis. So, once a license is successfully installed, it will stay on the system and be picked up by ABCocr automatically.

Licenses are specific to the process model so licenses installed for 32-bit ABCocr will not be available to 64-bit ABCocr and vice versa. Indeed, a license may be installed successfully without being valid for the current process so it is a good idea to check LicenseValid after installing a system license.

For security reasons, you should not use this method unless you have complete control of the system on which you are installing.




See Manual Installation.