This event is fired during HTML rendering.

The HTML render event in this version of ABCpdf has not been implemented.



Sub object_HtmlRender(ByVal Stage As String, ByVal Page As Object)



Name Type Description
Stage String The stage of the render.
Page Object The HTML Document being rendered.




This event is fired during HTML rendering.

During the time that HTML rendering is taking place, progress events are sent out to any event subscribers. This gives a mechanism for tracking progress and for intercepting and modifying or querying pages on the fly.

If the page is obtained from the cache, then events will not be fired.

Note that the amount of work done during a progress event should be kept to a minimum.

Current values for the stage variable are 'get width', 'get height' and 'render'. The first event occurs prior to finding the natural width of the HTML (the width it can occupy without scrolling). The second occurs prior to finding the natural height. The third occurs prior to translation into PDF format.

The page is provided via an IHTMLDocument interface - see Microsoft documentation for details. However, note that while the interface is standard, the behavior may not be identical. For example, element positions may not be available.

If you want to handle HtmlRender events, you must declare your Doc variable explicitly using the WithEvents keyword.

Public WithEvents mDoc As Doc

Please note that WithEvents variables must be module-level variables and can only be placed in forms and other class modules. For further details of the WithEvents keyword, see Microsoft documentation.