The bookmarks associated with this document.

PDF documents typically provide a list of bookmarks for easy navigation between pages. In Acrobat, this navigation structure is available under the Bookmarks tab. The PDF specification refers to this structure as the document outline.

The document outline comprises of a hierarchy of bookmarks. The bookmark at the top of the hierarchy is available via the Doc.Bookmark property. Typically, a bookmark triggers navigation to a particular page, but in some cases, it may trigger a different and more complex type of action.

Every bookmark holds a collection of all its child bookmarks. As with all collections, you can use the Count property to determine the number of items contained, and you can iterate through the collection using the standard methods appropriate to the language you are coding in.


Method Description
Add Adds a new bookmark.
Adopt Adopts a specified bookmark.
Insert Inserts a new bookmark at a specified location.
Refresh Refreshes and reloads the document bookmarks.
RemoveAt Removes the bookmark at the specified location.


Property Default Description
ComFactory No The factory for creating objects in the same application domain.
Count No The number of bookmarks in the collection.
Item Yes Returns a particular bookmark referenced by name or index.
Open No Whether the bookmark appears open or closed.
Page No The Page ID for the page associated with this bookmark.
Title No The bookmark title to be displayed on screen.