Type Default Value Read Only Description
String "" No The field value.




This property allows you access to the value of the field.

You may wish to assign or query the form field value using this property.

Text fields have a free-text value.

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons have a value which is either "Off" or the on-state of the control as specified in the Options.

Combo Boxes and List Boxes have values restricted to a set of selections as specified in the Options property.

Pushbuttons and Signatures do not have a value.

Common Operations.

Set a checkbox:

theField.Value = theField.Options(0)

Clear a checkbox:

theField.Value = "Off"

Set the fifth Radio Button in a group:

theField.Value = theField.Options(4)

Multiline Form Field Tip.

When inserting carriage returns into multiline form fields, use carriage returns (\r) only.

Using line feeds (\n) or a carriage return linefeed combination (\r\n) is less compatible with older versions of Acrobat.