Type Default Value Read Only Description
Long 0 (Get) No The request method for URL.




The RequestMethod property can take any of the following values:

  • 0 — Get
  • 1 — Post

This property specifies which method Doc.AddImageUrl uses to get the HTML page. Normally, Get is the preferred method when requesting the page is an idempotent operation. However, the Get method supports at most 2,048 characters in the URL. If the URL is longer than 2,048 characters and contains parameters, it is necessary to use the Post method. However, the URL minus the parameters (and the question mark) is still limited to 2,048 characters.

The Post method is used only when the the URL contains a question mark (and this property is set to Post). If the URL does not contain any parameter, the Post method can still be used by appending a question mark to the URL.