Type Default Value Read Only Description
Long 5 No The number of times a page should be retried if unavailable or invalid.




This property controls how many times ABCpdf will attempt to obtain a page.

HTML rendering may fail one time but succeed the next. This is often for reasons outside the control of ABCpdf.

So ABCpdf may attempt to re-request a page if it is not immediately available. This is analogous to clicking on the refresh button of a web browser if the page is failing to load.

See the ContentCount and the Timeout properties for how ABCpdf determines whether a page is unavailable or invalid.




The following example shows the effect that this parameter has on HTML rendering.

Set theDoc = Server.CreateObject("ABCpdf13.Doc")
theURL ="http://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_313.html"
' Set minimum number of items a page of HTML should contain.
' Otherwise the page will be assumed to be invalid.
theDoc.HtmlOptions.ContentCount = 20
' Try to obtain html page 10 times
theDoc.HtmlOptions.RetryCount = 10
' The page must be obtained in less then 10 seconds
theDoc.HtmlOptions.Timeout = 10000
On Error Resume Next
theDoc.AddImageUrl theURL
If Err.Description <> "" Then
  ' Page couldn't be loaded
End If
' Save the document
theDoc.Save "c:\mypdfs\HtmlOptionsRetryCount.pdf"