Sets the location and size of the rectangle.




XRect.SetRect X, Y, W, H



Name Type Description
X Double The new left position.
Y Double The new bottom position.
W Double The new width.
H Double The new height.




Sets the location and size of the rectangle.

The width and height of the rectangle are set to the new width and height.

The rectangle is then moved to the supplied position while maintaining the width and height. The corner moved to the location is indicated by the Pin property. The default pin corner is the bottom left.




The following code.

Set rc = Server.CreateObject("ABCpdf12.XRect")
rc.String = "20 20 220 120"
Response.Write "Rect = " & rc
Response.Write "<br>"
rc.SetRect 20, 40, 50, 150
Response.Write "Pos. = " & rc

Produces the following output.

Rect = 20 20 220 120
Pos. = 20 40 70 190