Represents the style used when adding text.

All measurements are specified using the current Doc.Units.


Method Description


Property Default Description
ComFactory No The factory for creating objects in the same application domain.
String Yes A string representation of the style.
Size No The text size.
Indent No The first line of paragraph indent.
LeftMargin No The paragraph indent.
CharSpacing No The inter-character spacing.
WordSpacing No The inter-word spacing.
LineSpacing No The inter-line spacing.
ParaSpacing No The inter-paragraph spacing.
Justification No The horizontal justification factor.
Bold No Whether to apply a synthetic bold effect.
Italic No Whether to apply a synthetic italic effect.
Outline No The width of character outlining.
Underline No Whether to underline text.
Strike No Whether to apply a strikethrough effect.
Strike2 No Whether to apply a double strikethrough effect.