Adobe claims Intellectual Property rights over the Adobe PDF specification and we aim to ensure that those rights are upheld.

When you install ABCpdf you accept the ABCpdf license agreement. Part of the agreement specifies that you must abide by the conditions of use for PDF set down by Adobe and detailed in the Adobe PDF Specification.

For full details you should see the specification. However in summary, Adobe permits you to write software to create, display and manipulate PDF documents.

This permission is conditional on the basis that your software should respect the permissions and permission controls embedded within existing PDF documents.

These permissions do not necessarily make sense within the ABCpdf framework. For example the concept of an encrypted document which bars the user from filling in form fields makes sense if there is a user. However ABCpdf is a component and so is removed from the final user.

You should ensure that when you create software which an end user may operate that your software respects these types of permissions. You are legally bound to do this both by the ABCpdf license agreement and also by the Adobe conditions of use.