ABCpdf 12 is a new version completely independent of the old. It incorporates the ABCpdf2, ABCpdf3, ABCpdf4, ABCpdf5, ABCpdf6, ABCpdf7, ABCpdf8, ABCpdf9, ABCpdf10 and ABCpdf11 namespaces so that you can upgrade with minimal changes to your code. When you want to take advantage of the new features, simply reference the new name.

Simply replace...


using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf11;



using WebSupergoo.ABCpdf12;




ABCpdf is fully backward compatible. Although extensive changes have been made to the core engine, we check that these changes produce results that are compatible with previous versions.

There are some minor differences in behavior between the ABCpdf11 and ABCpdf12 namespaces.

The new Chrome86 HTML conversion engine is our new default as it is more secure than the previous one. If your HTML conversions rely on specific output styles created by the previous default engines - eg MSHTML - you will want to use the following line of code after creating any Doc object, after calling Doc.Read and after calling Doc.Clear.


doc.HtmlOptions.Engine = EngineType.MSHtml;

For this release we have increased the default HTML timeout to twenty seconds. If this is a value you were relying on you may wish to change the value in your code.

In ABCpdf you can set the Doc.PageNumber to set the current page of the document. The Doc.PageNumber is one based so to find the first page you set the property to one. In older releases setting the property to zero was allowed, however this allowed subtle bugs in client code to pass without error. In ABCpdf 12 if you set the Doc.PageNumber to zero then an exception will be raised. The solution here is to fix your code.