The FireShield settings that dynamically determine the file access that should be allowed for HTML conversion.

FireShield lets you dynamically assign file permissions at runtime, to ensure that your HTML engine only accesses the locations you want.

You can provide rules so that each request can be assigned custom rights and permissions, dependent on the type of conversion.





Enabled Whether FireShield is enabled.
Policy File access enforcement for the worker process.
Rules File access rules for the worker process.
TempDir Allows you to specify a different temporary directory for the process.
MaxProcesses Determines the number of processes which this job can contain.
MaxNetTransfer Allows you to specify a maximum network transfer limit in bytes.
JobUserTimeLimit Allows you to specify a time limit as relates to the user-mode execution time.
JobMemoryLimit Allows you to specify a memory limit in bytes as relates to the virtual memory that can be committed for the job.
Metrics Provides details of the metrics associated with the last operation.
Log File access log for the worker process.