Type Default Value Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
Default No The conditions under which to coerce a vector output.




The HtmlRenderConditions enumeration can take a combination of the following values:

  • Never – never coerce a vector output.
  • Always – always coerce a vector output.
  • Default – coerce a vector output under the default conditions. It currently behaves the same as OnFiltersDisabled.
  • OnFiltersDisabled – coerce a vector output when some DirectX filter is disabled.
  • OnPartialContent – ignored.
  • OnVectorCoercionFailed – ignored.

This property determines when to coerce vector outputs if this is not disabled by DisableVectorCoercion. This requires the Microsoft XPS Document Writer printer and hosting a WebBrowser. When the printer is not available or HostWebBrowser is false, this property is ignored and assumed Never.

When certain constructs, such as DirectX filters or ActiveX controls, are used in the HTML page, the output may become rasterized. When vector-output coercion is activated, a vector output is produced, but the objects that cause the rasterization of the output may not appear in the vector output.

When vector-output coercion is activated, DeactivateWebBrowser is ignored and assumed false.