Type Default Value Read Only Description

[Visual Basic]
No Whether field names should be changed to make them unique.




HTML forms can contain fields with the same name.

If the names of two fields in a PDF are the same, then the fields take the same value.

So if multiple HTML fields with the same name are added to a PDF, these fields will all appear to contain the same content. This is true even if the original HTML fields contained different content.

Setting this property will result in duplicate fields being renamed to allow the content to be different.

The ABCChrome engine does not support this property but it is not a difficult matter to emulate it using code of the following form.

HashSet<string> names = new HashSet<string>();
List<Field> fields = new List<Field>();
foreach (Field field in theDoc.Form.Fields) {
  foreach (Field kid in field.GetKids(1000))
foreach (Field field in fields) {
  for (int i = 1; names.Contains(field.Name); i++)
    Atom.SetItem(field.Atom, "T", new StringAtom(field.PartialName + "_" + i.ToString()));

[Visual Basic]
Dim names As HashSet(Of String) = New HashSet(Of String)
Dim fields As List(Of Field) = New List(Of Field)
For Each field As Field In theDoc.Form.Fields
  For Each kid As Field In field.GetKids(1000)
For Each field As Field In fields
  Dim i As Integer = 1
  Do While names.Contains(field.Name)
    Atom.SetItem(field.Atom, "T", New StringAtom((field.PartialName + ("_" + i.ToString))))
    i = (i + 1)