Represents settings for read operations.

By creating a XReadOptions object and passing it in during a read operation you can take complete control of the way in which your content is imported. There can be different read modules which can import content in different ways. For example a Microsoft Word Document can be converted to PDF either using or by using Microsoft Word. A read options object allows you to precisely target one or more modules using particular settings.


Implements: IDisposable, IEquatable<XReadOptions>


Method Description
XReadOptions XReadOptions Constructor.
ClearCache Clear cached data and terminate worker threads and worker processes for a read module.
Dispose Dispose of the object.
Equals Test whether the two objects are effectvely the same.
GetHashCode A hash code for the XReadOptions.


Property Description
ReadModule Gets or sets the module to use.
AddForms Whether form fields should be live.
AddLinks Whether links should be live.
Bookmarks Bookmark creation strategy.
ContentItem Gets or sets the content items to process.
DefaultFont The font to use for text that does not specify a font.
DefaultRect The default document size for documents that do not specify a size.
DotsPerInch The default resolution to use for the import.
EnableMSOfficeMacros Whether to enable macros when opening MS Office documents.
ErrorHandling The error handling behavior.
Frame The frame to be read from a multiple frame image such as a movie.
FileExtension Gets or sets the file extension for data sources that do not have file names.
Log The log for the read operation.
MakeFieldNamesUnique Whether field names should be changed to make them unique.
MSOfficeParameters MS Office PDF conversion control parameters.
OpenOfficeParameters PDF conversion control parameters.
Operation Gets or sets the Operation to use.
Password Gets or sets the password needed to read the source.
PreserveTransparency Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the transparency of raster images should be preserved.
Repair Whether to apply extra processing to enable certain types of corrupt document to be read.
ShrinkToFit Whether to try and determine the document size based on the size of the content.
Timeout Gets or sets the timeout in milliseconds for external components.
SkipRevisions Skip back a number of revisions when reading an incrementally saved PDF document.
OpenPortfolios Whether to automatically open the default document inside a PDF portfolio rather than the portfolio itself.